Welcome to Royal Seed Orphange  

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                                                       ROYAL SEED HOME

                                   Royal Seed Home (RSH) is a residential children's

                                   home based in Ofaakor, Ghana, West Africa.  RSH 

                                   provides food, shelter, education, is having  53


                                   orphans and 80 community care children, in total  133 children 

                                   and old aged are  under Royal Seed  care .  Royal Seed Home 

                                  was founded by Naomi Esi Amoah and is registered as a non

                                  governmental organization.

The aim of Royal Seed Home orphanage and school is to build a better the lives of its children  by providing  nutrition, medical care, and education to the children and to allow its residents the opportunity to acquire transferable vocational skills.  RSH strives to help any child in need and to prepare each child to be self reliant, positive, respectful, and contribution to  the community and Ghana 



The orphanage has been re-located  to a new site none call  kwabenze

a 20 mint drive from the old location which is now  a school  we need more help  to build the house for the children, this children well be our leathers  of tomorrow 

we  trying to fix some light but not working we have some temporal one  so we need electricity 

TH CHILDREN ARE HAVING GOOD TIME  A THE NEW SITE  WE NEED YOUR HELP TO COMPLETE THE BUILDING AT THE NEW PLACE PLEASE HELP GOD                                                                                            BLESS YOU